Pre-order your copy of Grace Mellody's first CD NOW!
This CD will release and start shipping on Wednesday 4th November. 


Orange Melody ~ Deluxe Version features Grace's first single, Orange Melody, in Japanese, English, and FOUR new languages!


There are three different tiers to pre-order:

CD Only - £5 

Small Merchandise Bundle (CD, Button Badge & Poster) - £10 [15 Available]

Large Merchandise Bundle (CD, Button Badge, Signed Cheki, Poster & Personalised Letter) - £20 [5 Available]


All pre-ordered CDs will be signed, CDs sold after the release date will not be signed. 

By purchasing, you acknowledge that you may not receive the order until the release date of 4th November. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

Orange Melody ~ Deluxe Version CD Pre-order



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