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Hi there - i'm Grace! I'm a disabled young mother from the UK with a passion for creating music & art.


As an idol performer, my main goal is to inspire people and teach the world that you can do what makes your heart happy - regardless of your gender, race, religion or disabilities. I've been performing since 2018, although since my health has been deteriorating over the years i've taken a step back and have been working on growing my art business - but I shall be back on stage in the future!


As an artist, I make things that make me, my friends and my family happy! I mainly focus on geeky & pride themed designs, although my aim is to have a little bit of something for everyone! I originally trained in traditional printmaking & digital illustration, but recently i've expanded to include a lot more crafting!


It brings me so much joy to be able to run my own business from home while raising my own little family - thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who has supported me.


Recent updates & announcements

Summer Fair @ Geek Retreat Blackburn

9 July 2023

Glasgow Anime & Gaming Con

8-9 July 2023


Hyper Japan

21-23 July 2023

Megacon Manchester

29-30 July 2023



Inside Outside is officially out!

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